Hi, and welcome to our website. My name is Trine Bakken, and my plan is to breed healthy and beautiful Persians together with my mom Ingrid Bakken. All our cats are PKD negative.

We live in a town called Stavanger in Norway, she lives with my dad, her husband, and my younger foster brother.

I live together with my boyfriend, my daughter and the cats.

Iím just finished as a student, and now Iím a teacher. For the moment I am home with my baby for a year.

Our breeding name is NO*Berdotte. We are cooperating regards to the breeding, where the girls live with my mom and the boys are living with me. The plan for the future is to breed for bicolours, vans and harlequins in different colours. We got our first Persian 13 years ago and after that day we simply fell in love with their beautiful expression, sweet temper and of course the fluffy coat!

The idea of going to exhibitions did not cross our minds before I moved to Bergen for college in 2005. Here Iíve bought my first show-persian, his name is EP (N) Misty Nemo. My mom thought this was very exciting, and also wanted to attend shows as well with her cats. So thatís how it started. Since then Iíve been traveling around to exhibitions and learned about shows, the persians and breeding. I must say we have a lot of fun!!!!

I have learned and had a lot of help from my mentor MaryĖAnn Sundby (Thank you!) at (N) Misty and other friends in the cat society, thank you all so much!!!! I hope you like my website and of course the cats. Do not hesitate to call me or my mom if you have any questions.

Best regards Trine Bakken and Ingrid Bakken and all the cats